How we started

Paradise City Roleplay officially launched back in July of 2022. The server was once vMenu based until we saw that going fully economy was best. We continue to grow each day as a community and bring enjoyable roleplay for everyone every day. 


Class Tiers 

Note these are only baselines and each situation will be handled differently according to the issues that have been presented. 

Class A - 1 day ban or 10 warning points

Class B - 3 day ban  or 20 warning points

Class C - 7 day ban or 50 warning points

Class D - Permanently ban 

General Rules:

Player Reports and bans 

Reporting members can be done in our discord by open the specific ticket that relates the best to your situation. Members are required to provide proof to help your report.

Bans will be handled out once a member reaches 500 warning points. If your ban is not against a permeant tier, you can  appeal your ban here: